Recover with Regenerative Medicine

Aaron Wolkoff, DO

Southwest General Sports Medicine

The human body is remarkable for its ability to heal itself. However, it’s not perfect – and healing can sometimes take a long time. When it comes to tissue repair, regenerative medicine is a new option that enhances the body’s natural healing process and can eliminate the need for surgery. 

“Regenerative medicine is a way to get back to normal function and to feeling better without going through surgery”, explains Aaron Wolkoff, DO, a board-certified primary care sports medicine physician on the Medical Staff at Southwest General. “The ‘regenerative’ part means it helps the patient’s body to stimulate healing and heal itself with healthy tissue.”

Regenerative medicine works by injecting medicine, sometimes made of the patient’s own cells, into the damaged area to stimulate cell growth to rebuild tissue that has been damaged by injury or conditions such as arthritis.

Compared to anti-inflammatory medicines, which only relieve pain temporarily, regenerative therapy actually helps to repair and strengthen injured and painful joints and connective tissue such as tendons and ligaments. In general, regenerative therapy is less invasive and involves less risk than surgery and is successful for many patients.

“There are a lot of things regenerative therapy can be used for,” say Dr. Wolkoff. “It’s really talked about a lot in the sports world, as it can heal partially torn tendons and muscles and work on healing tendonitis as well.

“It’s a great option for non-athletes as well. Arthritis can be greatly improved with regenerative therapy, too.”

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