Titans News · The 2020 Titan ESPYS Nomination List

Welcome to the full list of nominations for the 2020 Titan ESPYS.  Every category and every nominee can be found right here! This year’s version of the ESPYS will look a little different, but we promise we are thrilled to share all the excitement the night usually brings with you in a fun and safe way, from the comfort of your homes.

Winners will be announced LIVE over our new athletic department Instagram account (athleticsbmhs) the day of Monday June 1st as the athletic department with some special guests will travel to the homes of winners to deliver their awards.  If you are not following us on Instagram yet, please make sure you do so!

Beginning tomorrow, Monday May 18th, two categories will be opened up to voting.  As the week progresses, more categories will become available for fans to vote on, culminating with the male and female Titans MVP voting on Friday May 22nd.  We look forward to everyone’s participation and can’t wait for everyone to follow along on Instagram Monday June 1st for our fifth annual Titan ESPYS!

Here are this year’s nominees:

Titans Record Breaking Performance Award – Awarded to an athlete that has set a new BMHS athletic record this year.

Male Nominees
1.  Boys Varsity Bowling Team (Collin Ellis, Sam Ellis, Gavin Fouts, Mason Gardner, Nick Guzowski, Joe Scanio, JT Jackson) – Bowling – Best team finish at OHSAA State Tournament (7th place)
2. Pino Dipierro – Wrestling – Most wins in a career (168)
3. Josh Finkovich – Boys Basketball – Most points scored in a game (38 points)
4. Zachary Zeleznik – Soccer – Saves in a season (108), Saves in a Career (199)

Female Nominees
1. Abby Calaway – Swimming & Diving – 100 yard backstroke (1:04.25)
2. Girls 4x400m relay team (Brooke Kosakowski, Megan Thai, Mackenzie Howard, Shura Ermakov) – Track & Field – School record in 4x400m relay (4:02.23)
3. Marissa Jones – Gymnastics – Vault (9.575), Bars (9.25), Floor (9.35), All Around (37.05)
4. Ella Powell – Golf – Low Score 9 Holes (44), Low Score 18 Holes (99)

Titans Breakthrough Athlete Award – Awarded to an athlete who in a given year improves his or her performance dramatically or otherwise becomes well recognized.

Male Nominees
1. Evan Alten (Track & Field)
2. DeAngelo Borders (Football)
3. Collin Ellis (Bowling)
4. Dominic Zarzycki-Hall (Basketball)

Female Nominees
1. Marissa Jones (Gymnastics)
2. Talyssa Moody (Basketball)
3. Ella Powell (Golf)
4. Bella Willet (Swimming & Diving)

Titans Comeback Athlete Award – Awarded to an athlete who has displayed a significant, profound, or impressive comeback from illness, injury or personal hardship.

Male Nominees
1. Brandt Eckerfield (Football)
2. Sam Ellis (Bowling)
3. Jared Roden (Soccer & Wrestling)
4. Alex Stegman (Baseball)

Female Nominees
1. Sylvia Bordelois (Softball)
2. Lila Ostrander (Soccer)
3. Olivia Rentsch (Cross Country)
4. Molly Weaver (Swimming & Diving)

Titans Inspirational Teammate of the Year Award – Awarded to the athlete who displays perseverance, dedication, and determination to overcome adversity and is seen as a role model to younger athletes.

Male Nominees
1. Blake Apathy (Golf)
2. Pino Dipierro (Wrestling)
3. Joe Matese (Soccer)
4. Spencer Reardon (Cross Country)

Female Nominees
1. Susannah Calvis (Swimming & Diving)
2. Yesenia Kinsey (Basketball)
3. Megan Robertson (Cheer)
4. Dominique Salvo (Tennis)

Titans Sportsmanship Award – Awarded to the athlete who demonstrates sportsmanship, civility, honesty, respect and responsibility.

Male Nominees
1. Abner Ahmed (Soccer)
2. AJ Comer (Basketball)
3. Nick Kiehl (Lacrosse)

4. Eli Washburn (Track & Field)

Female Nominees
1. Regan Bradish (Volleyball)
2. Emma Diedrich (Bowling)
3. Baylee Medvetz (Cheer)
4. Megan Thai (Swimming & Diving)

Titans Team Comedian Award – Awarded to the athlete who brings comedic entertainment value to practice and games.

Male Nominees
1. Jared Bycznski (Football)
2. Thinh Le (Soccer)
3. Andrew Petkac (Golf)
4. Zach Porch (Wrestling)

Female Nominees
1. Bridie Bricker (Softball)
2. Gianna Chapman (Tennis)
3. Daria Khramkova (Volleyball)
4. Natalie Knapik (Gymnastics)

Titans Best Game Day Hair Award – Awarded to the athlete with the most creative game day hairstyle.

Male Nominees
1. Beau Bachie (Baseball)
2. Gavin Fouts (Bowling)
3. Roman Wentzel (Swimming & Diving)

4. Luke Wolak (Track & Field)

Female Nominees
1. Jasmine Key (Cross Country)
2. Abby Lubowicki (Softball)
3. Athena Sevastos (Basketball)

4. JJ Zarzycki-Hall (Tennis)

Titans Spirit Award – Awarded to the athlete with the most school spirit.

Male Nominees
1. AJ Comer (Basketball)
2. Brady Compton (Baseball)
3. Brandon Hoff (Track & Field)
4. Cameron Siggers (Football)

Female Nominees
1. Molly Hausler (Soccer)
2. Julia Nofel (Basketball)
3. Ashley Pratt (Softball)
4. Kaleigh Ternovan (Cheer)

Titans Faculty Spirit Award – Awarded to the district staff member who brings the most school spirit to athletic events.

1. Laurie Bycznski (BMMS)
2. Scott Piesen (BMHS)

3. Anthony Riccio (BMHS)
4. Tracy Wheeler (BCSD)

Titans Coach of the Year Award – Awarded to the coach who demonstrates a sound ability to develop and improve individual and team performance throughout the year.

1. Steve Bosko (Wrestling)
2. Abby Golden (Girls Soccer)
3. Val Santoro (Gymnastics)
4. Sharon Zeszotek (Bowling)

Titans Parent Award – Awarded to a parent(s) who display outstanding service and dedication to athletic teams and the athletic department.

1. Mrs. Cistolo (Volleyball)
2. Mrs. Hastings (Cross Country)
3. Mrs. Lyons (Football)
4. Mrs. Swisher (Baseball)

Titans Best Moment Award – Awarded to the athletic team for the moment or series of moments that lead to the most remarkable or best athletic moment of the year.

1. Boys Bowling – Seventh place finish at OHSAA State Tournament.
2. Gymnastics – Qualified for OHSAA State Tournament finishing 5th at District at team high 140.075 team points.
3. Girls Soccer – District Champions with 4-2 victory over North Royalton.
4. Wrestling – Titans win OHSAA District Championship at Strongsville.

Titans Most Valuable Player Award – Awarded to the athlete for their outstanding achievements during the 2019-2020 athletic year.

Male Nominees
1. Nate Demian (Cross Country)
2. Pino Dipierro (Wrestling)
3. JT Jackson (Bowling)
4. Alex Kvak (Basketball)
5. Jon Lyons (Football)

6. Joey Rienerth (Tennis)
7. Dominic Senoyuit (Lacrosse)
8. Trent Shick (Golf)
9. Kade Swisher (Baseball)
10. Roman Wentzel (Swimming & Diving)
11. Kai Yee (Track & Field)
12. Zach Zeleznik (Soccer)

Female Nominees
1. Ashley Boledovic (Softball)
2. Abby Calaway (Swimming & Diving)
3. Emma Diedrich (Bowling)
4. Shura Ermakov (Track & Field)
5. Mackenzie Haneberg (Golf)
6. Kenzie Haney (Cheer)
7. Marissa Jones (Gymnastics)
8. Daria Khramkova (Volleyball)
9. Sydney Lantow (Basketball)
10. Megan Thai (Cross Country)
11. Makayla Watkins (Soccer)
12. JJ Zarzycki-Hall (Tennis)