Titans News · Berea-Midpark Sports Medicine to Host Annual Northeast Ohio Strength Clinic

The Berea-Midpark Sports Medicine Department will host the 2020 Northeast Ohio Strength Clinic on Saturday March 21st at the Roehm Athletic Complex.

If interested, please fill out and submit the attached registration form with check payable to the Berea-Midpark Athletic Boosters.

2020 Strength Clinic Registration

This year’s guest speakers include:

Antonio Coleman, “Linear Speed Development, Restoration and Pre-Habilitation for Injury Reduction”
Attendees will learn the differences in linear and multi-directional speed
Develop programs for the in and pre-season
Create programs to enhance stability and reaction time for injury reduction
Modification of activity for chronic injuries and limitations

Ryan Richmond, CSCS, “Implementing a Speed Development Program: The Disciplines and Skill Acquisition of Speed Training”
Participants will be able to define all stages of the running pattern
Be able to implement skill acquisition will drills and activities that are age and skill appropriate
Modify programs based on the athletes natural growth
Create programs for multi-sport athletes

Anthony Colarusso, CSCS, RN, “CrossFit 2.0: Marrying CrossFit with Periodization to Create Better Workouts”
Attendees will learn about the principles of CrossFit training and how CrossFit defines and measures fitness.
Attendees will be able to identify the most common faults in CrossFit programming and how to avoid them.
Attendees will learn appropriate modifications for injury and rehabilitation and progressions for common CrossFit exercises.
Attendees will learn how to implement a periodized model for CrossFit training.

Brice Cox, CSCS, “Programming, the Why, the How, the Mistakes, and the Fixes”
Participants will understand the basic foundations of weight room programming
Creating adjustments on equipment, injury or other factors
How to incorporate programs that are age and gender appropriate
Modifying weight room programs to enhance rehabilitation protocols