Titans News · The 2018 Titans ESPYS Nomination List

Welcome to the full list of nominations for the 2018 Titans ESPYS.  Every category and every nominee can be found right here!  Beginning Monday May 7th, two categories will be opened up to voting.  As the week progresses, more categories will become available for fans to vote on, culminating with the male and female Titans MVP voting on Friday May 11th.  We look forward to everyone’s participation and can’t wait to see everyone on Wednesday May 23rd for our third annual Titans ESPYS!

Here are this year’s nominees:

Titans Record Breaking Performance Award – Awarded to an athlete that has set a new BMHS athletic record this year.

Male Nominees
1. Dominic Baglier (Soccer) – Saves in a career (173)
2. Trevor Bycznski (Football) – Passing yards in a season (3,096)
3. Pino Dipierro (Wrestling) – Most wins in a season (47); 1st state qualifier
4. David Weaver (Lacrosse) – Most hat tricks (5)

Female Nominees
1. Sarah Carpenter (Gymnastics) – Vault Score (9.4); All Around Score (36.65)
2. Aubrey Nolan (Volleyball) – Assists in a match (49); Assists in a season (702); Assists in a career (1179)
3. Lexie Scarton (Basketball) – Rebounds in a career (540)
4. Lexi Schuller (Swimming) – 200 Individual Medley (2:18.62); 500 Freestyle (5:25.06)

Titans Breakthrough Athlete Award – Awarded to an athlete who in a given year improves his or her performance dramatically or otherwise becomes well recognized.

Male Nominees
1. Jordan Cupach (Basketball)
2. Shane Heil (Wrestling)
3. Garrett Waite (Football)
4. Giano Zuccaro (Baseball)

Female Nominees
1. Mikhayla Hale (Softball)
2. Heaven Santiago (Volleyball)
3. Lexie Sikula (Soccer)
4. Megan Thai (Cross Country)

Titans Comeback Athlete Award – Awarded to an athlete who has displayed a significant, profound, or impressive comeback from illness, injury or personal hardship.

Male Nominees
1. Shane Luszczynski (Cross Country)
2. Anthoney Miller (Football)
3. Jared Roden (Tennis)
4. Thomas Scheu (Soccer)

Female Nominees
1. Eliza Karp (Cross Country)
2. Caitlin Meyer (Swimming)
3. Miah Puchmajer (Softball)
4. Kayla Reece (Track)

Titans Inspirational Teammate of the Year Award – Awarded to the athlete who displays perseverance, dedication, and determination to overcome adversity and is seen as a role model to younger athletes.

Male Nominees
1. Jalen Dixon (Basketball)
2. Nicholas Guzowski (Bowling)
3. Jackson Host (Baseball)
4. Joey Rienerth (Tennis)

Female Nominees
1. Sam Agresta (Cross Country)
2. Joyce Karanouh-Schuler (Swimming)
3. Samantha Parker (Golf)
4. Melissa Santoro (Gymnastics)

Titans Sportsmanship Award – Awarded to the athlete who demonstrates sportsmanship, civility, honesty, respect and responsibility.

Male Nominees
1. David Browning (Track)
2. Jalen Dixon (Basketball)
3. Matt Gorman (Football)

4. Josh Ramirez (Soccer)

Female Nominees
1. Amaya Johnson (Basketball)
2. Alexis Lash (Tennis)
3. Caitlyn Lindo (Volleyball)
4. Tessa Wieneke (Gymnastics)

Titans Team Comedian Award – Awarded to the athlete who brings comedic entertainment value to practice and games.

Male Nominees
1. J.C. Bricker (Baseball & Football)
2. Kenny Nedoma (Bowling)
3. Colin Neumann (Swimming)
4. Kosta Sevastos (Soccer)

Female Nominees
1. Bridie Bricker (Softball)
2. Journee Carnegie (Track)
3. Daria Khramkova (Volleyball)
4. Lindsey Seballos (Basketball)

Titans Best Game Day Hair Award – Awarded to the athlete with the most creative game day hairstyle.

Male Nominees
1. Ried Perry (Football)
2. Trent Shick (Golf)
3. Bryce Waldron (Lacrosse)

4. David Weaver (Wrestling)

Female Nominees
1. Halle Davis (Basketball)
2. Hannah Dick (Volleyball)
3. Emma Diedrich (Bowling)

4. Julia Osborne (Gymnastics)

Titans Spirit Award – Awarded to the athlete with the most school spirit.

Male Nominees
1. Andrew Bachie (Wrestling)
2. A.J. Comer (Basketball)
3. Brendan Fudale (Soccer)
4. Angelo Svigelj-Smith (Football)

Female Nominees
1. Jayley Dodd (Soccer)
2. Kayla Gudel (Basketball)
3. Breanna Lindo (Volleyball)
4. Sam Matese (Softball)

Titans Faculty Spirit Award – Awarded to the district staff member who brings the most school spirit to athletic events.

1. Jeff Fudale (BMHS)
2. Carl Hamilton
3. Pat Murphy (BMHS)
4. Scott Piesen (BMHS)

Titans Coach of the Year Award – Awarded to the coach who demonstrates a sound ability to develop and improve individual and team performance throughout the year.

1. Steve Bosko (Wrestling)
2. Kevin Braaten (Girls Basketball)
3. Rich Szczepinski (Swimming)
4. Sharon Zeszotek (Bowling)

Titans Parent Award – Awarded to a parent(s) who display outstanding service and dedication to athletic teams and the athletic department.

1. Mrs. Feckley (Football)
2. Mrs. Gudel (Volleyball)
3. Mrs. Matese (Soccer & Softball)
4. Mr. & Mrs. Treher (Golf & Tennis)

Titans Most Valuable Player Award – Awarded to the athlete for their outstanding achievements during the 2017-2018 athletic year.

Male Nominees
1. Dominic Baglier (Soccer)
2. Ethan Bradt (Cross Country)
3. Sam Bright (Swimming)
4. Trevor Bycznski (Football)
5. Ryan Cunningham (Golf)

6. Matt D’Aurelio (Baseball)
7. Pino Dipierro (Football)
8. Jalen Dixon (Basketball)
9. Gavin Fouts (Bowling)
10. Ben Howard (Track)
11. Jesse O’Brien (Lacrosse)
12. Joey Rienerth (Tennis)

Female Nominees
1. Tiana Card (Softball)
2. Sarah Carpenter (Gymnastics)
3. Jayley Dodd (Soccer)
4. Erika Drager (Swimming)
5. Ashley Elkins (Tennis)
6. Morgan Jankowski (Cross Country)
7. Madysen Lecomte (Golf)
8. Jada Marone (Basketball)
9. Julia Parso (Bowling)
10. Nicole Peterson (Volleyball)
11. Mia Vargo (Track)