Titans News · Berea-Midpark Sports Medicine to Host Annual Northeast Ohio Strength Clinic

The Berea-Midpark Sports Medicine Department will host the 2018 Northeast Ohio Strength Clinic on Saturday March 17th at the Roehm Athletic Complex.

If interested, please fill out and submit the attached registration form with check payable to the Berea-Midpark Athletic Boosters.

2018 Strength Clinic Registration

This year’s guest speakers include:

Dawn Weatherwax, RD, CSSD, LD, ATC, CSCS. Founder of Sports Nutrition 2GO

‘Team Work! How the Sports Dietician can work alongside the AT, Personal Trainer, and Strength Coach in Maximizing the Athlete’s Performance and Health Goals.”

  1. Learn strategies to preventing long term complications of the female athletic triad, stress fractures, and eating disorders.
  2. Review techniques on how to optimize injury recovery, gain lean weight, achieving ideal body composition and maximizing nutrition for athletes overall performance goals.
  3. Review other common topics such as anemia, hydration strategies, muscle cramping, electrolyte testing and supplementation.

Kevin Hollabaugh, MHA, CSCS, USAW, FMSC. Owner/Program Director ProForce Sports Performance
“House of Speed”

1.     Attendees will learn how to access and define speed
2.     Learn how to develop a program for speed development
3.     Define and develop max velocity and create acceleration

Kevin Powers, MEd, PT, CSCS, Southwest General Sports Medicine, Physical Therapist
“Eccentric Exercise”

1.     Be able to define and recognize different muscle contractions.
2.     Attendees will understand the importance of eccentric muscle contractions in injury management and rehabilitation.
3.     Learn eccentric properties in creating muscle mass and power development for sport.

Ryan Hart, CSCS, USAW-SPC, MDS-I, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Pinnacle Sports
“Speed &Strength Training for Athletes that are ‘Spread Thin”

1.     Provoke further and deeper thinking on the “why” of current strength and speed programs in the private sector and in school settings.
2.     Provide insight into evaluation and understanding of what the athlete’s current “workload”
3.     Teach how to blend periodization and randomization of training for speed and strength for athletes that are training and practicing outside your program
4.     Understanding programming flexibility based on the needs of the athlete
5.     What limits/enables athletes to train for better speed and strength

Brain Lebo, CSCS D* Founder, Owner, Director Athletic Performance Training Center
“Posterior Chain Training for Strength, Power Production, and Injury Prevention”

1.     Clinic attendees will understand how the athletes posterior chain can improve power production
2.     How the posterior chain has a direct relation to speed and agility
3.     Learn techniques for injury prevention and overall strength development

Chris Powell, MS, USA-W, CSCS D*, Fitness Manager, Hancock Wellness Center
“Progressions of Linear SPEED Development”

1.     Attendees will establish the foundations of speed development
2.     Creating and development of warm-up and weight room progressions and running technique
3.     Indications and contraindications of over speed and resistance training.